13 Best Ways to Learn Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese

Learn Chinese Hong Kong has become very popular.  So many people today want to learn a new language and there can be no better language than Chinese.  It’s such a unique language and its one very popular language to learn also.  So, what are the 13 best ways to learn Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese?

Decide What You Want To Learn – Cantonese Or Mandarin?

Before you study Chinese Hong Kong, you need to think about what type of Chinese you want to learn.  Mandarin and Cantonese are both very popular and are similar but they are different.  Mandarin is probably the more popular out of the two because there are more resources out there to use.

Learn Simplified Alphabet

You could choose to learn Chinese Hong Kong with the traditional alphabet but that isn’t always the right course to take.  Traditional learning of the alphabet is really quite long and difficult however, with the simplified method; it is a lot easier to understand.  The simplified alphabet is in fact widely used throughout Asia and China which means it shouldn’t cause too much trouble for those travelling around China.

Don’t Concentrate On Single Words – Capture Sentences

Anyone can learn a new language word by word but that isn’t always the best method.  The reason why is simply because there are lots of meanings to words, like in all language and vocabulary is considerably different in terms of the order of words.  Instead, it is much easier to learn sentences rather than single words.  Once you learn phrases and sentences then you understand and recognize single words more.  When you study Chinese Hong Kong, sentences are much easier to learn.

Tonal Distinctions Are Key

Like many languages, words sound so unique and it’s the same when you want to learn Chinese Hong Kong.  You absolutely need to hear the tones and understand how to work on your tone as you speak in order to learn effectively.  Sometimes, it isn’t always easy to hear those distinctions so you have to listen very carefully.

Choose the Right Learning Method

There are lots of learning methods from traditional to the more modern methods so you have to think what would work best for you.  When you study Chinese Hong Kong, you might find it easier to learn with online videos.  However, studying with books and CD’s with worksheet exercises might be best for those who find it a little difficult to engage with the online videos.

Listen To Music

A great way to learn a few new words is to listen to music.  Listening to Chinese music is the perfect way to learn Chinese Hong Kong.  This is actually a popular method for most because it does help to expand vocabulary and if you continue to listen to the music, you can even recite the words too.  This is why listening to songs have become very popular when learning a new language.

Recite Words Over And Over Again

When you study Chinese Hong Kong it can be almost too easy to learn when you focus on certain words.  By speaking the same words time and time again, and reciting sentences over and over such as your name, it can help you to learn.  This has become a very popular method and it does help when you’re learning Chinese.

Read Chinese Books and Magazines

By reading books and magazines written in Chinese, you can learn Chinese Hong Kong a little easier.  This is why more and more people who want to learn a new language pick up books.  You can easily pick up second hand books and read through them in order to learn the language.

Study Daily

If you study Chinese Hong Kong once a month then it’s likely you will end up forgetting what you’ve learned in a matter of days.  You must study regularly, if not daily so that you can continue to open your mind and store the things you already know.  When you study each and every day, you can almost drill in the language which is very, very important.

Study in China

To learn Chinese Hong Kong, it might be best for you to actually travel over to the country and learn!  Really, and when you immerse yourself into a new language and new culture, you can actually pick up the language.  It’s true, and even if you aren’t able to learn every single word, you can still learn a lot in a short space of time.

Watch Modern Chinese Movies

There are plenty of great Chinese movies out there for you to watch and it could really help you to learn Chinese Hong Kong.  Of course, you don’t want movies dubbed in English because that doesn’t work!  However, you can get movies with English subtitles so that you can learn a little more Chinese.

Talk Chinese Whenever You Can

To study Chinese Hong Kong, it doesn’t hurt to talk Chinese as much as possible.  Now, you might not think it’s good especially if you aren’t so good yet but it can be a good method to help you learn.  You can see how far you have come as well as how much you know too.  You might not be a native sounding speaker yet but you will if you keep trying.

Set Up Simple Language Goals

You shouldn’t rush yourself when learning a new language because you’ll end up forgetting things along the way.  Instead, set up small language goals that you can work together.  This will allow you to sufficiently learn Chinese Hong Kong.  It could be great and it isn’t too difficult to do either.

Learn Easily

There are so many ways for you to learn Chinese today whether you want to learn Cantonese or Mandarin.  The above points are just a few ways for you to learn and they might allow you to get a second language under your belt.  Of course, when you want to study Chinese Hong Kong you do have lots of ways to learn.

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